Food Testing Management Software

Looking for an all-in-one software solution to enhance your food testing services and simplify certificate issuance? Discover TestTac, your go-to platform tailored to meet the strict standards of ISO 17025 accreditation in the food sector. It is perfect for streamlining management and certification processes.

Instant Food Testing Certificate Generation

Bid farewell to time-consuming certificate preparation. With TestTac, you can instantly generate professional food testing certificates at the click of a button, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards.

Automated Uncertainty Calculation

TestTac simplifies uncertainty calculation. Our software automatically performs Type A and Type B uncertainty calculations based on reading tables, providing precise and reliable results without the hassle.

Efficient inquiry Management

Stay on top of customer inquiries effortlessly with TestTac’s streamlined inquiry management system. From initial inquiries to follow-ups, our software ensures no query goes unanswered, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Comprehensive Food Testing Records

Maintain detailed records of all food testing activities with TestTac. Our software offers unparalleled visibility and control over your testing processes, from complete food item specifications to raw material records.

Seamless Service Request Handling

Simplify service request handling with TestTac. Our software allows customers to submit filled service request forms directly, automatically saving them for efficient processing ensuring no request slips through the cracks.

Effortless Instrument Tracking

Track instrument movements seamlessly with TestTac’s inward and outward chalan management feature. From receipt to return, our software provides complete transparency into instrument status and location, ensuring accountability and traceability.

Comprehensive Employee Record Management

Streamline employee record management with TestTac’s dedicated module. Easily maintain essential employee details, job responsibilities, work experience, training, skills matrix, and competency records.

More features...

Robust Reference Instrument Maintenance

Ensure the reliability of your testing processes with TestTac's reference instrument maintenance feature. Our software facilitates the maintenance of reference instruments and their specification details, guaranteeing accuracy and consistency in your results.

Streamlined Internal Audit Management

Efficiently manage internal audits with TestTac. Schedule audits, record observations for each ISO 17025 clause, and seamlessly track corrective actions and root cause analyses, ensuring continual improvement and compliance.

NABL Quality Document Management

Maintain compliance with NABL quality standards effortlessly with TestTac. Our software simplifies the management of essential quality documents, including risk registers, non-conformance registers, and lists of records and documents.

Efficient Management Review Meetings

TestTac facilitates management review meetings easily. Notifying all lab members, recording decisions and responsibilities, and capturing meeting minutes directly into the software ensure transparency and accountability.

Efficient Master Document Revisions

Stay up-to-date with master document revisions seamlessly with TestTac. Our software streamlines the revision process for quality manuals, procedures, and calibration documents, ensuring compliance with ISO 17025 standards.

Customizable Settings for Report Numbers and Formats

Tailor TestTac to your specific requirements with customizable settings for report numbers, vendor codes, format numbers, calibration certificate numbers, and more, ensuring seamless integration with your existing processes.